The Deck Doctor (DIY)  

 THE DECK DOCTOR for DIY follows master Deck Builder Jason Russll as he and his team build innovative decks that meld classic deck building and super high tech innovation that has never been seen before. 

In each 1/2 hour episode Jason and his team will have to work with demanding clients who want elements in their deck that have never been attempted before. It is up to Jason to figure out how to invent these new technologies make them work and make the client happy.   Jason and his team are based out of Tacoma Washington. 



bound for glory  BOUND FOR GLORY (ESPN)  
BOUND FOR GLORY for ESPN follows the perennially struggling Montour Spartans, a Pennslyvania high school football team. In spite of their past glory - when they won State championships, they were known to go without ever losing a game and the players were local heroes - the football team, now in total disarray, has lost almost every game for the last several years.

Enter NFL legend DICK BUTKUS. He's here to give this ragtag high school football team a much-needed overhaul. He will be their head coach for one season. He will discipline, drive and inspire these boys to succeed. He will make them a team. But will it all be enough to restore Montour football to its former glory?

Check out the BOUND FOR GLORY website.

god or the girl  GOD OR THE GIRL (A&E) 
GOD OR THE GIRL for A&E follows four young men through the emotionally wrenching final weeks that lead up to the most important decision of their lives - whether to become Catholic priests or not. Joe, Mike, Steve and Dan, four 20-something men must decide whether or not to enroll in the seminary and become Roman Catholic priests, or to find the love of a woman and settle down with a family. This is the ultimate struggle between the choice of two goods.

Can these young men resist the temptations of an aggressively secular world? Will they finally settle the doubt in their souls? And are they really willing to make the sacrifices necessary to become "Men of God?" In this five-part series, viewers will become part of a powerful journey whose conclusion will define its subjects forever.

BIG MEDICINE for TLC offers a behind-the-scenes look into the controversial world of bariatric surgery. The series chronicles the emotional journeys and transformation of obese people who have opted to undergo weight-loss surgery in an attempt to regain their lives. Patients are captured at various stages in the process - before and during the surgery, through recovery and post-op care and often through cosmetic procedures designed to remove sagging skin after dramatic weight loss.

Often as gripping as the patient stories is the colorful relationship between this father and son team where old school meets new school head on. Dr. Robert Davis, aka "big D," is true to the old ways of medicine and sometimes finds new techniques too flashy or unnecessary, while Dr. Garth Davis, aka "little D," is eager to modernize the business. Despite these differences, the pair unites in the operating room to fight a common enemy and change lives forever.

Check out the BIG MEDICINE website.

halfpint brawlers  HALF PINT BRAWLERS  (SPIKE) 
HALF PINT BRAWLERS chronicles the often-absurd yet astonishing and wild adventures of one of the most extraordinary performance groups in the country. These self-proclaimed hardcore little person wrestlers, led by their gregarious owner, Puppet "The Psycho Dwarf," entertain crowds in venues all across the U.S. with their unique brand of wrestling prowess. Along the way, Puppet deals with issues surrounding little person wrestling events while at the same time, keeping his rambunctious wrestlers in line. The series will be seen through the eyes of these extreme little people, "The Brawlers," as they travel the underground wrestling circuit filling bars, clubs and arenas ranging from 500-5,000 fans. The show will not only focus on their actions in the ring, but their wild lifestyles outside the ring, filled with chaotic parties and over-zealous groupies.

Check out the HALF PINT BRAWLERS website.

the other side  THE OTHER SIDE 
Chuck claims that he can speak with the dead in order to solve their mystery cases. The Jacksonville Police Department are skeptical of his abilities but when a grieving mother hires Chuck, the Jacksonville Detectives find themselves amazed by the details of the case Chuck is able to prove. But, can Chuck pass everyone's ultimate test...finding the missing body

warrior challenge  WARRIOR CHALLENGE 
WARRIOR CHALLENGE is a gritty competition series which pairs real National Guardsmen with the civilians who think they've got what it takes, against some of the military's toughest physical tests of endurance. The teams live on base, wear Guard uniforms and eat MREs while they compete for the grand prize: an all-expense-paid trip to the Ford 300 NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Homestead-Miami Speedway, where they'll meet driving legend Dale Earnhardt Jr., driver of the National Guard's No. 88 car.

WINNER of 2009 Telly Award.  Check out the WARRIOR CHALLENGE website.

born country  BORN COUNTRY (CMT) 
On BORN COUNTRY for CMT each episode follows the parallel lives of three people who have their country roots in common. From karaoke queens to speed daters, BORN COUNTRY highlights the best and bizarre in country culture.

On the episode KARAOKE MOMS, we take an affectionate look at country moms whose shameless love of karaoke is a source of laughter for their kids but a source of pride and joy for themselves. We see them rehearse, compete and perform in order to win over their audiences' applause and, they hope, their families' support. Check out the "AWESOME SONG SELECTION" video clip from the KARAOKE MOMS episode. 

The episode LOOKING FOR LOVE is about the dangers and difficulties of dating when you're born country. We'll see three country singles drink, dance and speed date, laugh, kiss and confess in order to win over the boy or girl of their heart's desire.  Check out the "LOOKIN' FOR LOVE -- A HEALTHY FAT ASS" video clip from the LOOKING FOR LOVE episode.

This intimate documentary for LOGO takes an in-depth look at families with gay siblings and the various emotional and social conflicts they face on a daily basis. Whether it's a mother who struggles to accept that all five of her children are gay or a brother who adopts his gay sister's child, these uplifting stories touch on the rewarding and often painful realities of sensitive family dynamics. Originally aired as part of LOGO's Real Momentum documentary series.